Hannah Zulueta – Online Marketer

hannah_zulueta-11final1Hannah Zulueta is the founder of Coterie Agency and is a digital communications and social media expert. Business communication rules today are different. While face-to-face is just as important as it always was, now we’ve got all kinds of new tools that let us tighten bonds in between, or in place of those in-person moments.

Previously the bulk of the conversations were one-way and initiated by companies. Today, conversations are occurring on a multitude of platforms and target customers are having those conversations two-way, in real-time.

Hannah’s goal is to help her clients identify and connect with their target customers digitally. From there, she guides them through the conversations that occur on various social media platforms. The key to success now, more than ever, is to be authentic in those conversations, to earn trust and to develop relationships.

Prior to starting Coterie Agency, Hannah worked 20 years in the travel industry. Most recently, she held executive positions for a Resort Hospitality Management company overseeing resort operations for two resorts in Park City and the sales and marketing programs for 26 resorts in the US and Mexico.

Hannah has been a resident in San Diego for 10 years. Dog lover, yogi, shutterbug, traveler and compulsive sharer on social media platforms. Find her online and say Hi!

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