Scott Cheng – Real Estate Broker

Scott has worked in the real estate industry for nearly 10 years. He prides himself on his strong work ethic, negotiation skills, and commitment to protecting his clients’ best interests. He started Providential Real Estate as “Cheng Realty” in 2008 and since then, has built it from a one-man business to a full-service brokerage that has expanded to four cities on the West Coast.

Scott has worked extensively with first-time homebuyers, luxury property owners, and real estate investors. The breadth and depth of his experience allow him to deliver a truly exceptional service to his clients. From 2009-2011, Scott was working with local investors to flip between 30 and 60 properties per year. Because of this experience, Scott is able to analyze properties for his clients in much greater detail than most agents. While most agents are only familiar with sales procedures, Scott can provide in-depth assessments of property conditions and identify potential problems before his clients consider making an offer.

Scott’s goal is to develop himself as a real estate guru and to teach others about real estate. He wants to share his knowledge of the real estate industry to teach and train those who are not in the business. And finally, Scott wants to built a team of other experts and professionals who have similar interests in serving the public through their training and teaching.

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