Giving Back: Two Men & A Truck’s Favorite Ways To Give

Over the years we accumulate clothes, furniture, household goods and other miscellaneous items that we may never use or wear. The perfect time to sort through and purge these items is when you are preparing for a move.

Sometimes it’s hard to justify throwing these items away when they are still in perfectly good condition. By donating the gently used items you no longer use, you not only declutter your living space, but also help those in need. It’s a win-win!

By donating to San Diego charity organizations, you can feel good about helping the less fortunate in our community. Here is a list of local charities where you can make a donation while preparing for your move.

Donate gently-used clothing or new personal hygiene products to:

Collecting donations for Movers for Military

Movers for Military

Movers for Military is a community event orchestrated by Two Men and a Truck (link to our site) that collects gently-used clothing or new toiletry items to donate to homeless veterans in San Diego.  The donations are taken to the Veterans Village of San Diego (insert link) on Veterans Day, but donations can be taken throughout the entire year. Our veterans have taken care of us, and now, it is our time to take care of them.

Movers for Moms

Movers for Moms is a community event that is also organized by Two Men and a Truck. This charity event collects gently-used clothing, new toiletry items, and “fun items” that moms would appreciate like sunglasses, jewelry or lip gloss. These donations are taken to PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) (insert link) in time for Mother’s Day, but we accept donations throughout the year. Mothers sacrifice so much, and we love doing anything we can to give back to them.

Donate clothing, furniture, or gently-used household goods to:

Father Joe’s Villages

Father Joe’s Villages is San Diego’s largest homeless services provider. They will gladly accept clothing, furniture, or gently-used household goods to benefit the homeless population they serve.

San Diego Rescue Mission

San Diego Rescue Mission is an organization that offers support and resources to homeless individuals to help them create better lives. Your donations will either be donated directly to those in need, or they will be sold at one of their thrift store locations to raise funds that benefit their programs to end hunger and homelessness.

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