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3 Legal Things You Should Know About AirBnB

  AirBnb has become a worldwide phenomenon in connecting property owners to vacationers. Typically, AirBnb provides cheaper accommodations compared with hotels and with better accommodations compared with hostels. However, many users of AirBnb (both property owners as well as vacationers) do not understand the possible legal risks involved with AirBnb. This articles seeks to lay out three main legal risks… Read more →

Landlords Beware of AirBnb (What You Need To Know)

AirBnb is well-loved and for good reason: it connects property owners to short-term renters. Essentially, the property owner just lists his or her property on the AirBnb website and attracts short-term renters. However, this inexpensive and convenient method of renting out properties can become a nuisance for landlords. In today’s rental market (especially in high rent areas) many landlords are… Read more →